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Further Information on Water Damage & Mold Removal in Palm Coast, Florida

Water Damage Clean Up in Palm Coast, Florida

August 13, 2014

Water Damage and Mold Removal in Palm Coast, Florida 24/7 emergency water damage service. We love living in beautiful Palm Coast Fl because of all the beautiful greens trees, bushes and plants that we have all year long. Since we get a lot of rain in the area, water damage can be a problem is some areas of the Palm Coast during the summer rain season. A broken pipe is by far one of the greatest nightmares homeowners face. Even just a small broken kitchen pipe can quickly cause a considerable quantity of water damage to your home. It is for this reason that you need to take care of water damage immediately.

Dealing with water damage requires seeking the help of a trained professional water restoration expert. However, it sometimes takes two to three hours for the professionals to reach your home. So what do you do in the interim?

Call For Fast Water Damage Clean-up in Palm Coast, Florida

You might be tempted to seek out the source of the leak as your first step. This can be problematic, however, depending on the type of leak or water damage. You would just turn off the sink if for instance a sink simply overflowed. What if a pipe that you can’t see burst? Be sure to turn off the water. It’s because of reasons like these that you need to turn off the water supply as soon as possible. It is also recommended that you temporarily turn off electrical power. The last thing you want is for the water to mix with electrical wires!

The next step entails doing everything in your power to get your home to dry. You may want to call Servpro of Flagler County. They are a local Palm Coast Fl company that is locally owned and operated. They respond quickly 24/7 when it comes to water damage and mold removal. Start by turning and opening windows on fans. This will get hair flowing through your home, which will help dry it and also reduce the buildup of disgusting odors.

If you have a dehumidifier, turn it on immediately. It will extract moisture from the air, thus helping accelerate the drying process. Run it for as long as possible. If you stop early, it could lead to the growing of mold and mildew. If you don’t have a dehumidifier, then don’t worry, because the water damage restoration experts will bring one with them. As we said earlier, however, just make sure you contact them right away. They need to get to your home as soon as possible! Make sure you also remove rugs and other portable carpeting and place them outside to dry. Try to wipe down furniture and personal items (books, chairs, toys) as much as possible.

Repair Your Water Damage in Palm Coast, Florida

Another step that we recommend taking is pulling out a wet/dry vacuum cleaner. We understand that you might not have one. Use it to remove as much water as possible from carpets, upholstered furniture and/or tile and wood floors if you do. Don’t wait to get started with water damage removal. This process can take quite a while, but it’s important to remove as much water as possible. Also, make sure you focus more on wood surfaces than carpeted areas. Due to wood’s porous nature, it’s apt to soak up all the water, which in turn will cause it to become warped. There are some things you should definitely not do after your home suffers from water damage:

These might seem obvious, but it’s good to know. Be especially careful with wet ceilings. They could be much weaker than you think, and the last thing we want is for a roof to collapse on you!

It is for this reason that you need to take care of water damage immediately and dealing with the water damage may require calling in a professional. Many times your insurance policy will cove the costs. The sooner you call a local water removing company in Palm Coast the sooner the problem can be solved. Dealing with water damage requires seeking the help of a trained professional water restoration expert. That’s why Servpro of Flagler is the best in the Palm Coast FL area for mold and water damage removal and cleanup.

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