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Drywall Water Damage in Palm Coast, Florida

October 12, 2016

Drywall water damage repair in Palm Coast, Florida

Following are a few tips for repairing ugly water damage patches on your Palm Coast, Florida drywall.

The most effective way to repair water damage on the drywall in your Florida home is by isolating the entire area. Check for signs of discoloration and softness. It's also important to identify any leaks or cracks in the nearby pipes. Water that's dripping down from the overhead pipes or the roof indicates a serious problem and this means that you need to contact a professional right away. If you intend to address the water damage in your Palm Coast, Florida home on your own, then this checklist of essential drywall repair tools and materials will help: joint compound, industrial-strength fans, putty knife, drywall tape and nails.

Isolating the Water Damaged Area of Drywall in Palm Coast, Florida

To isolate the affected area, simply cut the wet patch of drywall away and use a high-intensity fan to circulate air through the vent you've created. You can find high-intensity fans at almost any Florida hardware store. If you own a dehumidifier, use this to draw the moisture away from the drywall completely. Monitor the drying process constantly and if you find remaining moisture after a total of 12 hours, then remove more of the drywall. Palm Coast, Florida homeowners can use this strategy to prevent mold and mildew development. After the wall is completely dried, reinstall the drywall and the studs. Some Palm Coast, Florida homeowners have reported finding buckles and ruptures within the wall at this time and if this is the case, you should sand down these areas as necessary. If there are large cracks, fill these in with studs and a supporter board made from plywood. This will keep the new drywall firmly in place once it's been fixed.

If you need to, hire a Palm Coast contractor to help with your drywall repair. If there is water damage in your Florida home as the result of a pipe leak, then be sure to leave a small clearance between the floor top and the wall. This will limit future damages in this area caused by water damage leaks. I hope this info on repairing water damage in your Palm Coast home, Florida has been helpful.

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