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Further Information on Water Damage & Mold Removal in Palm Coast, Florida

24/7 Water Damage Removal in Palm Coast, Florida

September 01, 2016

Water Damage and Mold Removal in Palm Coast, Florida Living in Florida has its benefits. As a resident of Palm Coast we can enjoy both the beautiful foliage along with the ocean. There are many year around residents along with those who come down for the winter season. If we have a water damage problem because of the storm season or just find a leaking pipe, because we live here all year long, we can spot the problems quickly. With the summer humidity, we do need to make sure we clean up the water damage before it settles in and can attract mold which is a real health mess.

The real problem comes when homeowners come down only in the winter season. In the subdivision I live in, my neighbor had a busted pipe and the whole house needed to be gutted. He was not home in the summer when the pipe burst. Thankfully he had flood insurance. If my other neighbor had not noticed a problem and called my neighbor up north, they would never have known. The second story pipe caused all the problem and the house was in a mess.

Water Damage Removal and Remediation in Palm Coast, Florida

They called Servpro of Palm Coast. They have been in the water removal and mold removal business for some time. They are a locally owned and operated franchise with full training of the problems water damage and mold can cause the homeowner. When the water damage occurs, you need fast service. Waiting only allows more damage to occur.

Serpro of Flagler County is not like other carpet cleaning companies that deals with water damage on the side. When water damage occurs, you need someone who understands what needs to be done. As a homeowner, I don’t want a handyman asking me what I thing should be done. I need a professional water damage company who knows what to do. They need to be able to determine where the damage is and dig deep into the problem I do not want a so called water damage removal company just fixing the surface only to have mold come through the walls or floor.

24/7 Water Damage & Water Removal in Palm Coast, Florida

I found that it is less expensive to deal with a profession water damage company who understands what to do and is available 24/7 when the damage takes place. I noticed that with Servpro of Flagler County that they have other franchises around the country that they can draw on when a real water damage problem occurs. They can bring in the resources needed for any water damage in Palm Coast. That is important because we do not want to move because of mold or water damage not properly removed.

For health reasons along with keeping the value of your home in tack, do not wait when the water damage occurs. Call the company who is available 24/7 and can come in and assist in the evaluations of the water damage along with start removing the water and damaged walls and pipes.

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